World History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The U.S. offensive that targeted Japan's main Pacific base of Truk Lagoon in February 1944 was known as which operation?

2.In Geneva on 28th July 1929, how many countries signed a convention relating to the treatment of prisoners of war?

3.In which decade was the first E.C. passport issued?

4.In which year did Winston Churchill become British Prime Minister for the first time?

5.In which year did the cost of sending a letter by first-class mail go up from three cents to four cents?

6.Which of these was not a British Admiral?

7.In 1998 low flying military aircraft caused the death of 20 people in a cable car in which country?

8.Name the anti-apartheid activist born in South Africa in 1946 who died in police custody in 1977. [Steve ----]

9.Antoinette Poisson was the real name of which of Louis XV of Frances mistresses? [Madame de P--------]

10.At which battle did Napoleon beat the Austrians? [M------]

11.Between 1949 and 1990, which city was the capital of West Germany? [----]

12.Between which two cities and in what year was the first scheduled international airline service?

13.Bismarck's war policy in the 19th century was summed up in three words: Blut und Eisen. What is an English translation? [B---- and I---]

14.Born 63 BC died 14 AD, ruler of the Roman Empire. [J----- C----- A-------]

15.During the French Revolution, what was the name given to the working class revolutionaries of Paris? [Sans C-------]

16.Ekaterina Djugashvili called her son Soso; by what name was he better known to the rest of the world? [------]

17.Given to Oscar Schindler and Captain Frank Foley, the high honour Righteous among the nations is given by which country?

18.Having legendary wealth, who was the last King of Lydia? [C-----s]

19.How many commercial voyages did the Titanic complete before it sank?

20.In 1889, what took over from the Great Pyramid as the tallest building in the world?

21.In 1922 what was discovered by the archaeologist Howard Carter? [The tomb of -----------]

22.In 1945 the United Nations set up the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. What is this bank normally called?

23.In 1948, Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of which country?

24.In 1971, East Pakistan became which independent nation?

25.In January, Russia began to circulate new coinage to guard against the risk of inflation. What is the unit of currency in Russia? [The -----]

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