World Geography Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the capital of Australia?

2.What is the capital of Bulgaria?

3.What is the capital of Burma (Myanmar)? [R-------]

4.What is the capital of Canada?

5.What is the capital of Chile?

6.What is the capital of Kampuchea (Cambodia)?

7.What is the capital of Liberia? [M-----ia]

8.What is the capital of Morocco? [-----]

9.What is the capital of New Zealand?

10.What is the capital of Nicaragua? [M------]

11.What is the capital of North Korea? [P--------]

12.What is the capital of Portugal? [------]

13.What is the capital of Syria? [--------]

14.What is the capital of the former Soviet state of Georgia? [Ti---si]

15.What is the capital of the Phillippines?

16.What is the capital of Zimbabwe? [H-----]

17.What is the current name of the City formerly known as Leningrad?

18.What is the highest lake in the world, between Peru and Bolivia? [----caca]

19.What is the highest mountain in New Zealand? [Mount ---k]

20.What is the highest mountain in the Alps? [M--- -----]

21.What is the largest lake in Africa? [[Lake --------

22.What is the longest line of latitude on the Earth?

23.What is the name of the capital of Indonesia?

24.What is the name of the gulf upon which Marseilles is the main city? [Gulf of ----]

25.What is the name of the small self-governing Italian state that shares a name with a type of wool? [--- M-----]

26.What is the name of the stretch of water between Denmark and Norway? [The S--------]

27.What is the name of the stretch of water between mainland Africa and Madagascar? [The M--------- Channel]

28.What is the name of the world's longest railway? [The T---- --------]

29.What is the national emblem of Canada? [--- ----- ----]

30.What is the new name for the country previously known as Burma? [-------]

31.What is the sea between Arabia and Africa called? [The --- ---]

32.What name has been given to the route that once connected ancient China and Rome? [The ---- ----]

33.What name is given to a belt of low air pressure that is located at the equator?

34.What was the former name of Bangladesh? [E--- P-------]

35.Where is the Scotia Sea?

36.Which Caribbean Island is named after the Portuguese word for The Bearded Ones?

37.Which country forms the southern border of Tajikistan?

38.Which country is joined to the continental mainland by a series of islands known as Adams Bridge?

39.Which country was formerly known as Upper Volta?

40.Which country will not allow nuclear-powered ships to dock, as it has declared itself a nuclear-free zone?

41.Which European Federal republic joined the United Nations in 2002, has the currency abbreviation CHF?

42.Which European Union member has the highest density of population?

43.Which French town attracts 5 million visitors a year and has more hotels than any other French city except Paris? [-------]

44.Which Indian city in Punjab is the religious centre of the Sikhs and contains the Golden Temple? [A-------]

45.Which is the only country in South America to have an Atlantic and a Pacific coast?

46.Which is the only country that is crossed by the equator and a tropic line?

47.Which N. African seaports name is Spanish for the white house? [C---------]

48.Which are the only three countries that are completely surrounded by one other country? [The ------- State, S-- Mar---, Les----]

49.Which region, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, was known as the Land Between Two Rivers? [M----------]

50.Which republic in eastern Africa was formed by the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar? [T-------]

51.Which Scandinavian country is home to 4 of the worlds 20 highest waterfalls?

52.Which sovereign state has the lowest birth rate per head of population? [------- ----]

53.Which strait connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea? [Da---------]

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