Western Australia Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 2006 Paul Burgess was awarded the Western Australian Sports Star of the Year award. He competed as a?

2.Which of the following people are not from Western Australia?

3.The first Premier of Western Australia was?

4.What did C. Y. OConnor design? [--------- H------]

5.During World War II, Fremantle was the second largest base for Allied submarines operating in the Pacific. True or False?

6.Complete the names of these WA universities. C----- M------ E---- C---- N---- D--- W------ A--------

7.What sport do the West Coast Waves play?

8.Is the West Australian government bicameral or unicameral?

9.Which court has final jurisdiction over matters occurring in WA?

10.On the 16th February 2001 who became premier of Western Australia?

11.The WA towns of Abbotts, Gleneagle, Goldsworthy and Peak Hill are noteworthy because they have?

12.In Hay Street Mall, Perth you can find the statue of a man doing a handstand called? [Percy Buttons A---------]

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