West Australian History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.On 26th October 1616 the first European to sight Western Australia was? [D--- H-----]

2.Until the 1870s WAs economy was based on what?

3.What did Paddy Hannan discover?

4.I was built in 1830, designed by Henry Willey Reveley. I am the first permanent building in the Swan River Colony. I was built as a prison and finally opened to the public in 1982. What am I?

5.I was completed in 1896 and opened in 1900. I am located at Mount Eliza and overlook Perth. My main role was keeping standard time. What am I? [P---- O----------]

6.Who was the first Premier of Western Australia? [---- -------]

7.In 1869, the future premier of Western Australia led an expedition in search of whom? [L----- L---------]

8.What was WAs population in 1950?

9.What was WAs population in 1990?

10.What is WAAPA? [W------ A--------- A------ o- P--------- A---]

11.Which famous West Australian entertainer died on 22nd January 2008?

12.The city of Perth was named after?

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