Welsh Rugby Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As of 13 Feb 2012, Stephen Jones has been awarded a commemorative cap by WRU after attaining 104 caps in the period between the1998 and ___________?

2.____________ was the first rugby player to surpass 1000 Test points.

3.The youngest player ever capped for Wales made his debut in Wales' 2010 Six Nations finale against Italy at age 18 years. Hi, name is

4.Who gained the record for the longest successful kick in an international test match during the 1986 Five Nations Championship at Cardiff Arms Park with a penalty kick while playing against Scotland. The kick measured exactly 70 yards 8 and a half inches (64.2m).

5.The Welsh international record try scorer with 58 tries also holds the Six Nations Championship record try count of 22 and Welsh Rugby World Cup try record of 10. Who is he?

6.Who among these has not been a WRU head coach?

7.Who began their term as WRU's president in September 1881. The Earl of [------]

8.Wales play in red jerseys (embroidered with the Prince of Wales's feathers), white shorts and red socks while their change strip is black jerseys, shorts and socks. In 2012 the strip was made by which company? [U---- A-----]

9.Who was selected as the 2008 International Player of the Year?

10.The 2012 Wales shirt sponsor is a Cardiff based Insurance firm, the only Welsh company to feature in the FTSE 100. Name the company. [-------]

11.At the 2011 World Cup, Wales defeated Fiji, Namibia and Samoa. In the pool stages, Wales only lost to?

12.At the 2011 World Cup, Wales faced Ireland, beating them 22-10, hence reaching the semi-finals for the first time since?

13.When the IRB World Rankings were introduced in October 2003, Wales was ranked?

14.Welsh rugby's first 'golden age' coincided with the country's zenith during the 20th century. The 'golden age' was from 1910 to?

15.The Prince of Wales 'feathers embroidered on Wales' red jerseys were chosen in the 19th century by the WRU over another Welsh symbol, the?

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