City of Wellington Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Wellington became New Zealand's capital in?

2.As at the 2006 census, which region of Wellington had the greatest population? Lower Hutt City or Upper Hutt City or Porirua City

3.The Suburb of Miramar is well known for?

4.Government House, the official residence of the Governor-General is located in which suburb? [-------]

5.Complete the names of these three islands in the Wellington harbour? [M---- Island M----- Island M------- Island]

6.What did the TEV Wahine do in 1968?

7.What is Te Papa Tongarewa also known as? [--- M----- -- N-- Z------]

8.I am a funny festival held annually in Auckland and Wellington. My opening is a televised gala. I feature local and international performers. [N-- Z------ I------------ C----- F-------]

9.As of 2010, the population of Wellington is about?

10.I was established in 1897 by an Act of Parliament. As at 2010 I have about 22,000 attendees. I was named after a Royal. What am I? [-------- ---------- of ----------]

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