Victorian History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Eureka Stockade rebellion against mining taxed occurred in?

2.From 1989 to 1992 during the term of John Cains government, Victoria experienced an?

3.In which year did Victoria cease to be an independent colony and became a state in the Commonwealth of Australia?

4.In 2003 Melbourne was named as a UNESCO City of?

5.In which year did Melbourne host the Olympic games?

6.The first foreign involvement of Victorian military forces was?

7.By 1907 Melbourne had how many lifts/elevators?

8.During the 1880s boom, hotels that refused to serve alcohol were referred to as?

9.Melbourne was the capital of Australia?

10.I was completed in 1880. I hosted the first Australian parliament in 1901. Over the years many of my smaller sections have been destroyed by fire, my great hall survives. What am I?

11.The Black Saturday bushfires occurred on and around?

12.Who went swimming at Cheviot Beach near Portsea on the Victoria Mornington Peninsula 1967?

13.Victorian Mary MacKillop became the first Australian to be declared a saint, in which year did this occur?

14.Australia's first telephone exchange opened in Melbourne in?

15.In 1954 Skyline opened in Burwood, it was Australia's first?

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