USA 1920s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Prohibition of alcohol in the United States was introduced in 1919, when was it repealed?

2.In what year did women gain full voting rights in the United States?

3.I was a lifelong performer and sceptic. In the 1920s I appeared in silent films and exposed many fraudulent mediums but I am best known for getting out of tight spots. Who am I? [----- -------]

4.In 1929 Albert Fall became the first Presidential cabinet member to be sentenced to jail, in what was, up until Watergate, the biggest political scandal in US history. Albert?

5.By 1927 how many Model T Ford automobiles had been produced?

6.The successor to the Model T Ford was the?

7.In 1920 the forerunner to the United Nations was formed, what was it called?

8.In 1920 the world population was?

9.In 1921 who was buried at Arlington? [The ------- S------]

10.Who became president in 1923 when his predecessor died in office?

11.I am a book published in 1925 that details the experience of a young man learning about the lives of the very rich in West Egg, a wealthy community on Long Island Sound. [--- ----- ------]

12.In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered what medical wonder drug that can be found in mouldy bread? [----------]

13.In 1928 Ub Iwerks and his boss created which iconic, red shorts and white gloves wearing character?

14.In which year of the 20s did the U.S. Stock Exchange collapse, leading to a worldwide economic crisis.

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