Unicorns Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The name unicorn is derived from Latin unus one and cornu horn.

2.How many tapestries are there in The Hunt of the Unicorn, also known as the Unicorn Tapestries?

3.What does the French phrase Dame a la licorne mean?

4.How many unicorns are in the royal coat of arms of Scotland?

5.Who wrote the screenplay for the 1982 fantasy film The Last Unicorn?

6.What is the colour of unicorn blood in the Harry Potter series?

7.What is the colour of a unicorn?

8.Carol Hughes wrote which young adult fantasy novel?

9.Does the unicorn appear in the King James Version of the Bible?

10.When did the movie "The Little Unicorn" come out?

11.Ron Weasley's first wand was a hand me down from his brother George. It is 12" ash wood with a unicorn hair core.

12.In the Harry Potter movies, the tail hair of a unicorn was described as flimsy as a string.

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