UK TV Soaps Trivia Questions & Answers

1.I am based in the fictional London Borough of Walford. I was the first broadcast in 1986 and featured Ethel Skinner, Lou Beale and Dot Cotton. What am I?

2.Where would you find Frank Burnside and Polly Page?

3.Which soap is based around a local higher education college in a suburb of Chester? [--------s]

4.Complete the names of these soaps. ---------- -----t m------- ----y C--y

5.The Cunningham, McQueen and Ashworth families appear in?

6.I am both the longest-running radio-based soap and also the longest-running soap on any medium. Originally I was described as "an everyday story of country folk". What am I? [--- -------]

7.Which soap was first broadcast in 1972?

8.In which imported soap could you have met Pippa and Tom Fletcher?

9.The Welsh soap originally focusing on young people doing a paper route is called?

10.The original landlord of Queen Vic, universally known by his nickname of Dirty Den was in fact named?

11.The longest running Scottish television soap is?

12.I am a drama aimed at teenagers. I am based around a school newspaper. I launched the career of Julia Sawalha, who went on to act in Pride and Prejudice and Ab Fab. What am I?

13.In 2010 Charlie Clements, playing Bradley Branning in Eastenders won a British Soap Award for?

14.The storyline Who Killed Archie? appeared in which soap in 2009-2010?

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