UK Planes, Trains & Automobiles Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Armstrong Whitley was a WW II?

2.In 1938 the Mallard was a?

3.Signum, Senator and Vectra are cars manufactured by whom? [V-------]

4.In the UK it became compulsory for someone driving a car to wear a seatbelt in?

5.Corniche, Phantom and Silver Spirit are all models manufactured by? [----- -----]

6.The rail companies in the UK up until they were merged in 1947 were? [Great W------ Railway, London, M-----d and Sc------ Railway, London and North E-----n Railway, S------- Railway]

7.What is ATOC?

8.Is the London Underground part of the grouping of train operators known as National Rail?

9.The busiest station in the UK as measured by daily train traffic is?

10.British Airways is part of the global airline alliance...?

11.In November 2009 BA reached an agreement to merge with?

12.An airline that has been assigned preferential rights or privileges for international routes by a government is referred to as its?

13.I am a manufacturer of luxury automobiles, currently owned by Volkswagen Group I am based in Crewe and has models such as Mulsanne, Azure and Continental GT. [-----ey]

14.Who made the XK120?

15.Manufactured by the British Motor Corporation starting in 1959 I am an iconic small car with space saving front wheel drive. Mark I, II and III models have sold over 1.5 million in the UK. [----]

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