UK People & History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Richard Burton was twice married to Elizabeth Taylor. What number husband was he the first time they married?

2.Name the Scottish economist born in 1723 who authored the influential book on Economics The Wealth of Nations?

3.Scottish journalist and political commentator, born 1959, editor of the Independent for two years until 1988, who had his own show on BBC1 on Sunday mornings? [Andrew M---]

4.Name the shipping magnate born who founded Norway's largest shipping line?

5.What is the first name of the Duke and Duchess of Yorks second child. [E------]

6.The first documented Siamese twins were called Chang and Eng Bunker. But what do Chang and Eng mean in their native language? [---- and -----]

7.He was twice Prime Minister and was Field Marshall in the Peninsula War. His first name is Arthur but he is known as? [---- of W---------]

8.Victor Kiam liked the product so much he bought which company?

9.What are the names of Princess Anne's two children?

10.What did the E stand for in the name of Confederate general Robert E Lee?

11.What English philosopher was imprisoned in 1918 aged 36, and again at the age of 89 for his anti-war views? [B------- R------]

12.What is Author P D James first name? [Ph------]

13.What is Dolly Parton's bra size? [--DD]

14.What high profile job did Dr Rowan Williams take up in 2003?

15.What is the first name of the scientist on the back of the current 10 note? [------- ------]

16.What is the first name of the son of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit? [L-----]

17.What is the name of Superman's girlfriends - there are two, one when he was at school and one when he was an adult. [L--- L--- and L--- L---]

18.What is the name of the Malawian boy who is to be adopted by Madonna? [David B----]

19.What is the real name of the 1960's/70's model Twiggy? [Leslie H-----]

20.What make of car did Chris Evans buy Billie Piper as a wedding present? [-------]

21.What nationality was actor Anthony Quinn?

22.What nationality was Mother Theresa of Calcutta? [--------]

23.What nationality was the famous murderer Dr Crippen?

24.What nationality was the spy Mata Hari? [-----]

25.What was the Casanovas day job? [L--------]

26.What was the adopted nationality of the painter El Greco?

27.What was the name of the mythological inventor who designed wax wings so that he and his son could escape from the Minotaur's labyrinth? [D-------]

28.What was the name of the Venetian explorer who was the first European to cross the whole of Asia, returning from China with a book about his travels? [----- ----]

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