UK Marvel Comics Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In Knights of Pendragon, the Green Knight is in an eternal conflict with whom? ----

2.In Knights of Pendragon, Sir Gawain is a what?

3.Captain Britain is also known as B---- B-------?

4.Who is Motormouths partner?

5.How does Death's Head describe himself? freelance p-----k------ agent

6.In 2005 in an only poll reader-voted to revive which character?

7.In Knights of Pendragon, what is Breeze James profession?

8.Who endowed Captain Britain with his powers? M-----

9.What is the name of the short-lived series starring two private detective brothers who explore the Big Apple? --- ------ --------

10.Who obtained the Marvel UK license in 1995? P----- C-----

11.Dragons Claws is set when?

12.In Dragons Claws who is the leader of The Claws? ------

13.In Dragons Claws who is Dragon married to and where do they live?

14.Adam Destine and Walter Destine appear in which series? -----------

15.In which series does The Relative Stranger Protocol appear?

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