UK History 2000s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In January 2000 a painting by [-] was stolen from Oxfords Ashmolean Museum.

2.In January 2000 Dr. Harold Shipman was?

3.In March 2000 Britain extradited which former South American leader even though he had been an ally during the Falklands War. [--------]

4.In August 2000 The Queen Mother turned?

5.In December 2000 British director Guy Ritchie marries which international pop superstar?

6.28th of June 2005 saw a large military ceremony, involving thousands of personnel, celebrating the bicentenary of?

7.On 25th November 2005 which football great and long term alcoholic died?

8.On March 1st 2006 The Senedd debating chamber is opened by the Queen. In which country is it located?

9.In March 2006, head of state Luiz Lula da Silva visits the UK, which country is he from?

10.On 17th July 2006, George W. Bush famously greeted Tony Blair with?

11.In August 2008 Great Britain wins 19 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze medals in which city?

12.In November 2008 which Brit becomes the youngest ever Formula One World Champion?

13.On 22 February 1999 which British / Indian film won 8 Oscars? [S------ M----------]

14.On 25th February 2009, Prime Ministers Question Time is suspended for the first time since 1994, this was due to?

15.Keith Richards was knighted in December 2003. True or False?

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