UK History 1970s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1979 which former Sex Pistols guitarist was found dead in New York as a result of a drug overdose?

2.In 1979 Margaret Thatcher is elected as the first female Prime Minister of the UK. What was her university degree and first job after graduating?

3.In July 1984 10000 Greeks protested in London against the invasion of? [------]

4.1972 saw the West End debut of which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, detailing the life of a historical religious figure. J---- C----- S--------]

5.In 1971 the hit album Paranoid is released by?

6.In 1971 the international Seabed Treaty outlawed?

7.In 1976 Anita Roddick opened the first branch of which health and environmentally conscious store? The ---- ---p]

8.In 1976 the UK breaks diplomatic relations with which African country under the rule of Idi Amin?

9.In 1978 I became the first man in history to score a century and take eight wickets in one innings of Test Match Cricket. Who am I? [I-- B-----]

10.The 1979 number 1 hit Walking On The Moon was recorded by which band? [--- ------]

11.The 1978 UK number 1 hit Take A Chance On Me was recorded by?

12.In 1971 George Harrison had a number 1 hit with his song [My S---- L---]

13.In 1971 what percentage of UK families had a television?

14.1974 saw the first sale of what kitchen appliance to UK homes? [---------]

15.In 1979 Anthony Blunt was named as the fourth member of a Russian spy ring that originated at which university?

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