UK History 1960s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1969 The News of the World was bought by?

2.The Mau Mau Uprising ended in 1960. In which country did it occur?

3.In April 1960 60,000 protestors staged a demonstration in London against?

4.In which year in the 1960s did the farthing cease to be legal tender? [----]

5.In 1969 The Beatles released the last album they recorded together, it was called?

6.The UK developed Ariel 3 was launched in 1967, what was it? [a s--------]

7.In June 1967 Keith Richards is jailed for a year for?

8.Name the twin brothers who were arrested in 1965 on suspicion of running a protection racket in London. [The -----]

9.In 1964 which film set in Africa and starring Michael Caine and Stanley Baker was released?

10.In 1964 the book A Caribbean Mystery was published, who was the author?

11.In August 1963 which famous crime took place? [The G---- ----- -------]

12.In the late 60s, Virginia Wade was a successful British?

13.In the 60s, Jackie Stewart was a successful British?

14.The 1964 children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by which author? A man who is more well known for writing spy thrillers.

15.In 1960 Michael Woodruff performed the first successful?

16.A particular type of star was first discovered in this year which at first led scientists to believe it was a sign of life, due to the regular signal it emits. What is its name? A P-----]

17.Cunard launched one of the last great liners at Clydebank this year, what was its name? [The ----- E-------- --]

18.Desmond Morris published a controversial book about the human species in this year - what was its name? [--- Naked ---]

19.The Super Bowl was held for the first time this year. Who won the first and second title? [T-- Gr--- --- P------]

20.What operation was legalised in the UK in 1967, the bill having been sponsored by David Steel? [--------]

21.What was the name of the device, introduced in this year, which allowed the police to measure a driver's alcohol level at the roadside for the first time? [T-- b-----------]

22.What was the name of the oil tanker which ran aground close to Lands End and was bombed by the RAF? [Torrey C-----]

23.Which artiste released the singles 'It's all over', 'I'll come running', 'The day I met Marie' and 'All my love'? [Sir ----- -------]

24.Which 'cult' album by the Beatles was released in this year, having taken a then-exceptional 500 hours to record? [-------- -----r's ------ ------ ---- ----]

25.Who completed the first single-handed voyage around the world in this year, and was knighted by Drake's sword? [Sir Francis C---------]

26.Who was the surgeon who performed the world's first heart transplant operation in this year (1967), in South Africa? [Sir Christian -------]

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