UK History 1950s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1950 the average UK annual salary was?

2.In 1951 the UK population was?

3.In 1952 who was elected Conservative Prime Minister? [------- ---------]

4.Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1957. True or False?

5.In 1957 the average UK house cost?

6.1956 for the first televised episode of -------- Half Hour

7.Which entertainment competition was first televised in 1956? [---------- ---- -------]

8.In 1950 which country demanded that Britain remove all its troops from a waterway?

9.1953 saw the public premiere of the Irish play Waiting for -----

10.In 1956 where did Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean appear? [--- ------ -----]

11.In 1956 what did British Rail rename its Third Class service? [------ -----]

12.In 1956 Rose Heilbron became Britain's first?

13.In January 1957 which Prime Minister resigned?

14.A fire occurred in a nuclear plant in Cumbria this year leading to contamination of local milk supplies. Tell me the name of the plant and what it is called today. [Se--------]

15.A musical, based on Romeo and Juliet was premiered in New York. What was the name of its composer? [Leonard B--------]

16.A rail crash occurred in the London area this year when 88 people died. Where did it occur? [L-------]

17.Lawrence Olivier first portrayed Archie Rice in a John Osbourne play this year. What was its title? [The E----------]

18.Stirling Moss came second in the world drivers? championship. How many times did he win it?

19.What was the name of the first unmanned satellite launched by the Russians in this year?

20.What was the title of a document signed in this year which signalled the creation of the Common Market? [The Tr---- of ----]

21.Which kind of weapon was detonated for the first time by the British at Christmas Island in the Pacific? [The - B---]

22.Who succeeded Anthony Eden in this year to become Prime Minister?

23.Who was the Australian tennis player who won the men's singles title at Wimbledon for the second year running this year? [L-- H---]

24.Winners of the Association Football Championship in both this year and the year in the next round were the same team. Which?

25.Which of these successful artists did not have a number 1 hit in the 1950s?

26.In 1950s India severed ties with the United Kingdom and became a [r-------].

27.In November 1950, attempt to hold the Second [W---- P---- C-------] at Sheffield City Hall was thwarted by the British authorities who prevented many international delegates from entering the country.

28.The 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to which British philosopher [B----------- R--------]

29.The Stone of Scone, the traditional coronation stone of Scottish monarchs, English monarchs and more recently British monarchs, was stolen from London's Westminster Abbey in 1950 by a group of four _____ students.

30.In the 1950s the longest duration of a single at number one was eighteen weeks achieved by Frankie Laine's?

31.The first National park in England and Wales established on the 28th of December 1950?

32.King George VI died on 6 February 1952 at Sandringham House aged?

33.What was abandoned on 21st February 1952?

34.In 4th August 1954, saw the Maiden flight of the supersonic fighter plane called the?

35.The famous comedian and actor [R---- A-------] Was born on 6th January 1955.

36.On 6th June 1955, Children and Young Persons (Harmful Publications) Act comes into effect, with the intention of protecting children from?

37.2nd April 1955, 18-year-old Manchester United left-half, becomes the youngest full England international in a 7-2 win over Scotland at Wembley. He is [D----- E------]

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