UK Golf Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Darren Clarke won the 2011 British Open by how many shots ahead of joint runners-up Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson?

2.At which golf course was the 2011 British Open played?

3.Tiger Woods won his first British Open title in the year 2000 at which golf course? [-- A------]

4.Which of these players was not involved in the four-man playoff to decide the champion at the 2002 British Open?

5.Padraig Harrington won his second straight British Open title in 2008, beating which English golfer by four shots? [I-- P------]

6.Which player won the 1999 British Open title in a three-way playoff? [Paul L-----]

7.Which Australian golfer won the 1993 British Open title? [G--- ------]

8.Who finished second to Louis Oosthuizen at the 2010 British Open, 7 shots behind? [Lee W-------]

9.As of 2011, who was the last English golfer to win the British Open, doing so in 1992? [Nick -----]

10.As of 2011, Tiger Woods has won how many British Open titles?

11.At which golf course was the British Open first played in 1860?

12.Who won the first ever British Open title in 1860?

13.Which of these American golfers has won the most British Open Championships as of 2011?

14.In which English county will the 2012 British Open be held? [L---------]

15.Which American golfer beat Tom Watson in a playoff to win the 2009 British Open title?

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