UK Geography Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A bridge called 'The Bridge of Sighs' can be found in which three cities? [V-----, O----d and C--------]

2.According to a survey by the Halifax Bank, what is the most common street name in the United Kingdom?

3.In which British city is the Clifton Suspension Bridge?

4.In which country is Cape Wrath?

5.In which county is Charnwood Forest?

6.In which county is Epping Forest?

7.In which county is the Vale of the White Horse?

8.In which English Country is Romney Marsh?

9.Name one of the two British cities which have stations called Central and Queen Street. [G------ and ------f]

10.Of which British city is St Mungo the patron saint?

11.Of which English county is Portland Bill the southern most tip?

12.On which river is Balmoral Castle?

13.The A2 and the A20 both run from London to which town?

14.The Nore is a sandbank at the mouth of which British river?

15.The upper reach of which British river is called the Isis?

16.There is only one station name which is on both the Paris Metro and the London Underground. Any idea? [T-----]

17.What is the largest lake in England? [Lake W--------]

18.What is the name of the ancestral home of the Marques of Bath? [L-------]

19.What is the name of the island situated at the end of the Hoo peninsula in Kent, the site of a major power station? [Isle of G----]

20.What river is also known as the Isis for part of its length?

21.What was the country Belize called until 1973? [British H-------]

22.What was the original name for London Gateway services on the M1? [S----------]

23.what was the UK's first National Park? [The P--- D-------]

24.Where in London would you find a statue of Peter Pan? [---------- G------]

25.Where might you see the Ceremony of the Keys, The Beating of the Bounds and The Ceremony of the Lilies and Roses? [----- -- ------]

26.Where was the Marble Arch before it was moved to Oxford Street? [Outside ---------- ------]

27.Where would you find the towns of Douglas and Castletown? [--- ---- -- ---]

28.Which British town did the Romans call Aquae Sulis? [----]

29.Which is the only place name in England with an exclamation mark in it? [Westward --!]

30.Which public building in the Strand, London, held the General Register Office for births Deaths and Marriages from 1836 to 1970? [S------- House]

31.Which range of hills is the source of the River Thames? [The ---------]

32.Which river enters the Irish sea via Liverpool and Birkenhead? [The ------]

33.Which river exits Loch Ness at its Northern end? [The R---- ----]

34.Which river flows through Chester?

35.Which Scottish city is nicknamed The Granite City?

36.Which street in London takes its name from a croquet-like game once played by Charles I? [---- ----]

37.Which U.K. city is served by John Lennon airport?

38.Whose statue stands in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in London? [----]

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