UK Films 2000s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The 2009 film recounting the tales of pirate radio stations in the 1960s was? [The B--- That ------]

2.The 2009 film Dorian Gray was based on a story by?

3.This 2009 thriller features Michael Caine as an aging estate resident who becomes a vigilante. [H---- B----]

4.Who played the female lead in 2008s The Duchess?

5.The 2008 documentary about Philippe Petit's 1974 high wire walk between the two towers of the World Trade Centre was?

6.In 2008 which Bond movie was released?

7.The Last King of Scotland released in 2006 is set in?

8.In the 2006 film The Queen, who played The Queen?

9.Which Harry Potter movie was released in 2005?

10.The Mike Leigh directed film Vera Drake, released in 2004 was about?

11.Name the hit 2004 romantic zombie comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. [----- of --- ----]

12.In 2004 Geoffrey Rush starred in... [The ---- and ----- of Peter Sellers]

13.Rowin Atkinson played a James Bond like character in 2004s [Johnny -------]

14.2001 saw the opening up of whose diary? [------- -----]

15.2003s Touching the Void was about?

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