UK Comedy Duos Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Give the last names of Mel and Griff who appeared on the BBC as a comedy duo sporadically between 1984 and 1998. [----- and -----]

2.We are a comedy duo, Alexander and Ben. We have appeared on television, radio and stage since 1997 and are most well known for our Timeghost comedy podcast and television appearances.

3.Eric and Ernie were also known as?

4.Matt Lucas and David Walliams wrote and appeared in which comedy sketch television series?

5.A 7 series, 46 episode sketch comedy series starring two female performers who each went on to individual success. [------ and --------]

6.Who was Houses comedy partner?

7.Complete this Two Ronnies signoff... So it's Goodnight from me [--- --- --------- ---- ---]

8.Complete these comedy duo names. [H--- and P---, L-- and H------]

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