UK Celebrity Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Stephen Fry is a member of the Board of Directors of what football club?

2.When Prince William ascends the throne, he will be the 44th monarch since William the Conqueror. In what year did William the Conqueror take the throne?

3.What is the real name of singer/songwriter Jessie J? [J------ E---- C------]

4.Vinnie Jones played which position as a footballer?

5.Which stand up comedian and actor completed 43 marathons in 51 days in 2009 for Sport Relief? [E---- I-----]

6.Which Big Brother star collapsed after completing 21 miles of the London Marathon in 2006, having trained on a diet of "curry, Chinese, and drinking"? [J--- G----]

7.Author J.K. Rowling is among the richest women in the UK, with an estimated net worth of US $1 billion. What series of books is responsible for her fame and fortune?

8.Which British tank commander was pulled from the front lines of the Afghan War following the publication of his presence there in an Australian magazine? [P----- H----]

9.Which American-born British actress played Dylan Thomas' wife Caitlin in the 2008 film "The Edge of Love", and The Baroness in 2009's "G.I Joe: the Rise of Cobra"? [S----- M-----]

10.How many children do Victoria and David Beckham have?

11.Which British comedian is best known for playing Vince Noir in the cult comedy series "The Mighty Boosh"?

12.Which Girls Aloud member won the 2009 Yorkshire Woman of the Year award for not only her professional success but also her work with the charity Breast Cancer Haven?

13.In the 2010 film "Clash of the Titans", the fashion model, singer, and actress Agyness Deyn played which goddess?

14.Alexa Chung is a television presenter, model, and contributing editor to British Vogue. Where was she born?

15.Russell Brand achieved mainstream fame as the host of what Big Brother spinoff?

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