UK Birds Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Western Capercaillie, Black, Red and Ptarmigan are the four British species of?

2.Although Swans generally pair for life, modern technology has indicated that divorces occur, and pairs separate more commonly than was thought. True or False?

3.Swan meat has been outlawed by royal decree since the reign of Ethelred of Wessex in 871 AD. True or False?

4.The most common bird (as measured by breeding pairs) in the UK is?

5.The Common Puffin is also known as the?

6.The retina of a common Tawny / Brown Owl is significantly, perhaps 100 times, more sensitive than a human retina. True or False?

7.The Skylark is?

8.Birds of the order Passeriformes also known as?

9.Of the 80 worldwide species of Wren, the single resident breeding species in the UK is?

10.The British Ornithologists Union considers there to be how many species of bird in the UK?

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