UK Abbreviations & Codes Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A tradesman might be CORGI registered. [Council for Registered G-- I---------]

2.A member of the Royal Marines would know that BFPO stood for?

3.What does BUPA stand for? [B------ U----- Provident A----------]

4.If you are driving a DERV you are driving a?

5.During WW2, what did the abbreviation LDV stand for?

6.Famous for tea, what does NAAFI stand for?

7.Abbreviation for GCHQ.

8.How is a quasi-autonomous national government organisation commonly known? [A Q-----]

9.If someone had FRIBA after their name, what would their profession be?

10.If you belonged to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, you might be considered a NIMBY. What does NIMBY stand for?

11.In Police work, who are referred to by the acronym "SOCO"? [S---- Of C---- O-------]

12.In schools, what does GCSE stand for?

13.What does the financial abbreviation PSBR stand for? [P----- s----- borrowing r----------]

14.In 1969 in a bid to encourage home ownership MIRAS was introduced. What does MIRAS stand for? [M------- I------- R----- At Source]

15.In the world of automobiles, what is the MOT?

16.If someone has Bart after their name, what are they? [a B------]

17.Birdwatchers would know that RSPB stands for? R---- S------ for --- P--------- of B----]

18.The Channel tunnel was built by a company called TML. What does TML stand for? [T----M----- L---]

19.TE Stockwell and Cohen founded which supermarket chain?

20.The RAM, the RCM and the RNCM in Manchester are all what? [Colleges of -----]

21.TTFN at the bottom of a message stands for? [-- -- --- ---]

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