Twilight Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Why did Edward go to the Volturi? [To --- them to ---- him] Include all words in your answer

2.Who directed the first Twilight movie?

3.What is Bellas special talent?

4.What is the name of Bela and Edwards child?

5.In which book does Edward turn Bela into a vampire?

6.How did Laurent die? [The ---- ---- k----d him]

7.Name the Actor who played Edward followed by the actor who played Bela.

8.What car did Alice steal in Italy? [b----- y----- p------]

9.What does Bella do to bring Alice back to Forks in New Moon? [She J---- --- C--ff- ---- the o----]

10.Which state is the town of Forks in?

11.Name all the members of the Cullen family in this order: C------- E--- E----- R------ J----- Ed----

12.What was the first name of Victoria's mate?

13.Who is in the wolf pack?

14.Who wrote the Twilight series?

15.Author Stephanie Meyer intended to write and release a version of "Twilight" written from Edward's perspective. What was this book to be titled?

16.Which of the following is not a psychic ability demonstrated by a member of the Cullen/Hale family of vampires?

17.What does Bella's father Charlie do for a living?

18.What is on the cover of "Eclipse"?

19.Where did Bella Swan live before she moved to Forks? [P------, A------]

20.Why does a vampire avoid sunlight, in the Twilight universe?

21.Where do the Volturi primarily reside?

22.Jacob Black is a member of what Native American tribe?

23.Which vampire served in the Confederate Army during the US Civil War?

24.What was Edward's last name as a human?

25.Who turned Edward into a vampire?

26.What is Bella's full birth name? [-------A M---- S---]

27.What actress plays Bella in the Twilight movie series? [K------ S------]

28.There is only one known group of vegetarian vampires other than the Cullen/Hale family. Where do they live?

29.Alice Cullen is married to whom?

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