City of Turanga Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As of 2009, Tauranga's population was about?

2.What is Mauao? [A -------]

3.In 2008 Tauranga overtook which New Zealand city to become the 6th largest city by population? [-------]

4.What do some people know as TRG or NZTG? [-------- -------]

5.Tauranga resident Hilda Hewlett (1864-1943) was the first British woman to?

6.I am the longest running festival of my type in the southern hemisphere. I take place every Easter with dozens of live acts great food and excellent wine. What am I? [N------- J--- F-------]

7.Between the 2001 census and the 2006 census the Tauranga population has?

8.I am in the western Bay of Plenty. I am 20 kilometres long but not more than three kilometres wide. In 2006 I had a population of 225. What am I? [M------- ------]

9.I am a grapefruit tangerine cross grown around Tauranga? [--------]

10.Complete these suburb names [Bro------d B-----ue P-----s P---t B----a]

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