True Blood Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the name of the town in Louisiana where True Blood is set?

2.Who wrote the Sookie Stackhouse novels which the TV series True Blood is based on?

3.Sookie Stackhouse has what special ability?

4.Which True Blood actor has an academy award?

5.The actor who plays Pam is called Carrie Preston. True or false?

6.Who is Bill's maker?

7.What nationality is Ryan Kwanten?

8.Reverend Steve Newlin runs a Dallas based church group called?

9.How old is Godric?

10.What is Maryann? [M-----]

11.How are Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse killed?

12.Who is the creator and producer of the HBO True Blood series? [A--- ----]

13.Why does Tara seek help from Miss Jeanette?

14.Who plays the character Lafayette in the HBO True Blood series?

15.Bill's punishment for killing someone was to turn Jessica into a vampire. Who did he kill?

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