Towns in U.K. Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which of these cricket stadiums is found in Nottingham?

2.The oldest professional football club in the world play out of Nottingham.

3.Which of these is not a nickname of Nottingham?

4.How do Nottingham postcodes begin?

5.Which of these cities is Nottingham not twinned with?

6.Leicester lies in which county?

7.What river does Leicester sit on?

8.The Jarrow March passed through Leicester.

9.What is the telephone dialling code for Sunderland?

10.Sunderland was once part of Wales.

11.In which year was Sunderland granted city status?

12.What river runs through Belfast?

13.The last port in which the Titanic was anchored was Belfast.

14.What famous Belfast shipbuilders built the Titanic?

15.In the grounds of which castle in Belfast is the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly?

16.Which of these famous footballers was born in Belfast?

17.Which of these castles is nearest to Belfast?

18.Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland.

19.What is the name of the body of water outside Belfast?

20.Which of these is the correct name for Belfast in Irish?

21.How many airports does Belfast have?

22.Someone from Newcastle upon Tyne is commonly called?

23.Which of these is an anagram of a famous Newcastle United Football Club ex-player and manager?

24.Which of these shopping centres is nearest to Newcastle upon Tyne?

25.Which famous drink comes from Newcastle?

26.What is the full name of the city of Hull? [K------n U--- H---]

27.Which of these rivers do Hull sit upon?

28.Traditionally, what colour were the public phone boxes in Hull?

29.On which coast is Plymouth found?

30.In which year did the Pilgrim Fathers leave Plymouth, setting sail to the New World?

31.There is a university in Plymouth.

32.What is the nickname of Plymouth Argyle Football Club?

33.In which part of England is Wolverhampton found?

34.What is the telephone dialling code for Wolverhampton?

35.Is it commonly believed that Wolverhampton was named after whom?

36.What is the area around Wolverhampton commonly known as?

37.What is the motto of the city council of Wolverhampton?

38.Which of these rivers is found in Swansea?

39.There is a Swansea Castle.

40.Swansea is one hour behind GMT all year round.

41.How do Swansea postcodes begin?

42.Swansea is further North than Moscow, Russia.

43.Which of these famous actresses was born in Swansea?

44.Swansea is the biggest city in Wales?

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