Town of Milton Keynes Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Milton Keynes was planned to be equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and?

2.I am a collection of Bronze Age gold and pottery dated to 1150?800 BC. I was discovered in September 2000 in a field near Monkston. What am I? [M----- K----- -----]

3.The original Milton Keyes design specified that no building should be?

4.I am a former clay-pit (for brick-making), in 1979 I opened as a venue. In 1984 Status Quo played their (described at the time) final concert here. What am I? [N------- ----]

5.Which distance learning organisation has its headquarters in the Walton Hall district;

6.The Milton Keynes Lightning play?

7.The building in Bletchley which housed famed British code breakers during World War II is called?

8.Andrew Baggaley from Milton Keyes is famous?

9.Wolverton, Milton Keynes Central and Bletchley railway stations are on which line?

10.Despite not having an airport Milton Keyes has been assigned an airport designation code of?

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