Tasmanian History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 2003 which Tasmanian won the reality TV show Big Brother?

2.The population of Tasmania in 1842 was?

3.By 1842 convict voyages Tasmania had been ceased. True or False?

4.Joseph Lyons was the first Tasmanian to?

5.The first Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race occurred in?

6.Who did Prince Frederik marry? [M--- ---------]

7.The Beaconsfield mine collapse, which killed one and left two miners trapped underground for a fortnight, occurred?

8.Which never constructed Tasmanian dam lead to great protests in the early 80s? [The -------- ---]

9.As of 2008, Tasmania was the Australian state with the highest fertility rate, with women having on average 2.24 children. True or False?

10.In 1911 Douglas Mawson's ship docked in Hobart on its way to the Antarctic. What was the ships name?

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