Sydney Tourist Attractions Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In what year was the Sydney Opera House completed?

2.Sydney Tower is called Centerpointe Tower by locals?

3.Located in Sydney, what is the name of the oldest museum in the country?

4.What year did the Taronga Zoo open?

5.Watsons Bay has a legal nude beach.

6.What is the correct height in meters of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

7.When standing on the observation deck of the Sydney Tower, how high up in the air are you in meters?

8.The Sydney Opera House was rejected as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007?

9.About how many international travellers visit Sydney annually?

10.In what year did BridgeClimb open, which allows you to climb the southern half of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

11.The Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney has free admission?

12.What material was used to make many of the historic batteries, bunkers and forts used as Sydney's military defence system that tourists can visit today?

13.What year did the Sydney Aquarium open?

14.Kings Cross, Sydney's red-light district, is known colloquially as what?

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