Sydney Suburbs Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In the greater Sydney area, there are how many suburbs and localities?

2.There are 38 local governments in the greater Sydney area?

3.Whitlam Park in Busby, a south-western suburb of Sydney, is named for whom?

4.The Taronga Zoo is located in which Sydney suburb?

5.Cronulla, a popular tourist area for travellers that visit Sydney, contains many beaches. Which beach is NOT located in this suburb?

6.The area of the suburb called Bickley Vale today was once occupied by the Murri people.

7.Coasters Retreat is located in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park?

8.Which famous Australian cricketer hailed from the Sydney suburb of Enfield?

9.Which sea is visible from the suburb Dover Heights?

10.The Hume Highway and M5 motorway service the suburb of Liverpool?

11.What is the name of the amusement park located in Milsons Point?

12.The Trocadero, a dance hall in Newtown, opened in what year?

13.Which famous Australian female tennis player once lived in Fairfield Heights, a suburb west of Sydney's central business district?

14.Leonay, a suburb of Sydney, is named for vineyard owner Leo Buring and which of his family members?

15.What was the rank and name of the man who named the area where the suburb Petersham now resides?

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