Sydney Stadiums Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the name of the Twenty20 cricket franchise founded in 2011 that will play their home games at the Sydney Cricket Ground? [Sydney S-----]

2.What is the capacity of the Sydney Cricket Ground?

3.Which Australian Football League team play their home games at the Sydney Cricket Ground? [S----- S----]

4.In which year was the Sydney Football Stadium opened?

5.As of 2011, the record crowd for a sports event at the Sydney Football Stadium is 43,967 in a soccer match between Australia and which South American country? [A--------]

6.Table Tennis and which other event were staged at the State Sports Centre in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics?

7.The Sydney Showground which was used as the venue for Baseball in the 2000 Sydney Olympics was opened in which year? [----]

8.What is the maximum capacity at the Acer Arena in Sydney?

9.Which of these events was staged at the Acer Arena in the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

10.What was Stadium Australia in Sydney known as between 2002 and 2007? [------- Stadium]

11.Which Major League Soccer team did Sydney FC play in November 2007 at Stadium Australia, setting a record crowd for a club soccer match? [L-- A------ G-----]

12.In what year was a bronze statue of former Australian cricketer Stan McCabe unveiled at the Sydney Cricket Ground? [----]

13.How many sculptures of former Australian sports stars were commissioned at the Sydney Cricket Ground before that of Stan McCabe?

14.Who was the first former sports star to have a statue of themselves placed at the Sydney Cricket Ground? [R----- ------]

15.The Sydney Cricket Ground has been the home of the New South Wales Blues since which year?

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