Sydney Sports Teams Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Sydney Roosters play?

2.The Sydney Roosters were previously called?

3.The Sydney Swans Football Club was founded in?

4.The two nicknames of The Sydney Swans are Swans and [B-----].

5.What sport did The Sydney Swifts play?

6.The Sydney Swifts disbanded in?

7.The Sydney Thunder is a newly founded team playing which sport?

8.Which sport does David Warner play?

9.The rugby league team was known as The Sydney Tigers from 1995-96 is more recently known as? [The ------- Tigers]

10.In 1999 the Sydney Tigers merged with the neighbouring Magpies club to form?

11.The Canterbury-Bankstown rugby team is associated with which animal mascot?

12.This professional basketball team was previously known as the West Sydney Razorbacks. What is their current moniker? [The Sydney ------]

13.As of 2011, which cricketer has played the most first-class matches for the New South Wales Blues? [Greg M-------]

14.The highest ever total made by the New South Wales Blues as 2011 was 918, made in the 1900-1901 season against which team?

15.Which team did New South Wales Blues beat in the 2008-2009 Twenty20 Big Bash Final?

16.Don Bradman scored a record 452 not out against which team in the 1929-1930 season for New South Wales Blues?

17.As of 2011, which batsman has scored the most first-class runs for the New South Wales Blues? [Michael B----]

18.The New South Wales Waratahs recorded their biggest ever win in 2010 beating which team by a score of 73-12? [-----]

19.Which player scored 4 tries in a match against the Lions in 2010 for the New South Wales Waratahs? [Drew M-------]

20.Which team beat the New South Wales Waratahs in the semifinals of the 2010 Super 14 season? [S-------]

21.Which team did the Sydney Roosters beat in the 2002 National Rugby League Final? [New Zealand W-------]

22.In which year was the name of the Sydney Roosters changed from the Sydney City Roosters?

23.In what year were the Rugby League club the Parramatta Eels founded?

24.As of 2011, how many Premiership titles have the South Sydney Rabbitohs won with their last title coming in 1971? [--]

25.Who set the record for the most tries in a season for the South Sydney Rabbitohs with 29 in the 1954 season?

26.As of 2011, who has scored the most points in the history of the South Sydney Rabbitohs? [Eric S----]

27.Which team beat the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League Grand Final in 2000? [B------- B------]

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