Sydney Landmarks Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Connaught building that was completed in 1984 was named after the Duke of Connaught, Queen Victoria's?

2.The Connaught consists of?

3.Ironically before Customs House became a venue for exhibitions and private functions it was never used by the Customs service.

4.Convict David OConnor, who was hanged at the site of Customs House is said to be haunting the building offering people?

5.The Sydney Town Hall stands opposite St John's Cathedral and alongside Queen Victoria's Building.

6.The Centennial Hall contains the World's largest?

7.The Gladesville Bridge links the Inner West to the?

8.The Chief Secretary's Building was originally known as? [-------- Secretary's Building]

9.Cockatoo Island is a former industrial school, reformatory and?

10.Name the blockbuster movie that was partly shot in Cockatoo Island. [X-Men Origins: W--------]

11.Which Memorial Fountain is a war memorial for soldiers who died during the Second World War in 1942? [El -------]

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