City of Sydney Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which one of these is not a suburb of Sydney?

2.Where is the Sydney Aquarium located?

3.Which of these universities is not located in Sydney?

4.What was the most recent year in which Sydney hosted the Olympics?

5.I am on the northern edge of the Sydney central business district on Sydney Cove. I consist of walkways, parks, malls and cafes. Ocean Liners such as the QE2 has docked in me. What am I?

6.Do whales come into Sydney harbour?

7.Palm, Whale and Avalon in Sydney are what?

8.What is located at 483 George St Sydney?

9.Sydney was officially founded as a city in the year?

10.Someone from Sydney is?

11.The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also known as?

12.Sydney is how many hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)?

13.Sydney Airport is also known as? K-------- S---- Airport

14.Regular flights began at Sydney Airport in?

15.Sydney hosted the Olympics in the year?

16.Sydney's weather is quite pleasant. It rains for about how many days in a year?

17.Which of these are you not going to find in the Sydney CDB?

18.Sydney has various heritage listed buildings, which of these is not a Sydney building?

19.Which Park was dedicated on 13 October 1810 by Governor Macquarie for "recreation and amusement of the town's inhabitants and a field of exercises for the troops"?

20.Sydney is the first site of the British colony in Australia. It was established in 1788 at Sydney Cove by? [ A----- P------]

21.Sydney has hosted major international sporting events, including 2003? [R---- ----- C--]

22.On being asked where they come from by British, the Indigenous people they would answer with a word meaning "here". This made the British call the indigenous people? [E---]

23.Such buildings and structures as the Macquarie Lighthouse, Hyde Park Barracks, St James' King Street and Government House were designed by a transported convict named? [Francis G-------]

24.The 38 LGAs commonly described as making up Sydney do not include?

25.In the 2006 census, the most common self-described ancestries identified for Sydney residents were Australian, English, Irish, Scottish, and?

26.As of 2012 how many government-funded multi-campus Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes are there in Sydney?

27.Sydney has one privately operated light rail line, Metro Light Rail. It runs from Central Station to? [ L--------]

28.Sydney's water catchment is chiefly stored in dams in the Upper Nepean Scheme, the Blue Mountains, Woronora Dam, Warragamba Dam and the [S---------] Scheme.

29.Due to the low water supply, the NSW government in 2012 investigated alternative water supply options, including greywater recycling and the construction of a reverse osmosis desalination plant at Kurnell. This plant was designed as?

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