Super Random Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As what is a male cat known?

2.What would be put in an ossuary?

3.The Madison is an event in which sport?

4.An Annual supper, featuring the entrance of the haggis, celebrates the life and work of which famous poet?

5.What is the official language of Kazakhstan?

6.What is the chemical symbol for Phosphorous?

7.The N.B.A. is the principal professional league in which sport?

8.What is the name given to a female Whale?

9.What was the first name of Henry VIII's first wife?

10.By which fruity name is the Australian state of Tasmania sometimes known?

11.What 'M' is the correct term for short-sightedness?

12.When does a croaking gourami croak?

13.Where was the first recorded baseball game (in 1846) held?

14.What is the most common Pub name in Britain?

15.What colour would all of the bowls have been at the very first Tupperware party?

16.Which is the highest title achievable in Karate?

17.Which was the first important battle of the English Civil War?

18.Name the actress who starred in both 'The Birds' and 'Cocoon'.

19.What codename was given to the first nuclear bomb detonated by the U.S. on 1st March, 1954 at Bikini Atoll?

20.Which Nazi was criminal was hanged in Israel on 31st May 1962?

21.The final round of the U.S. Masters is traditionally held in the second week of which month?

22.How many consonants are there in the modern Roman alphabet that is used in Britain?

23.Who played Batman in 'Batman Returns'?

24.In which Mexican City was tequila and Mariachi music founded?

25.Which family is the centre of interest in Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'?

26.The Big Mac was introduced in what year?

27.Molasses is a product of what?

28.In cookery what does the French term 'saut' mean?

29.Which creature can be described as Otarine?

30.In which country did Monty Python film 'Life Of Brian'?

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