Sunshine Coast Region Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the name of a group of eleven hills in Sunshine Coast which was first sighted by Captain James Cook in 1770? [G---- H---- M--------]

2.This tourist resort township north of Brisbane derives from an Aboriginal word meaning Snapper Fish. What is the name of this town?

3.This tourist farm is situated in Woonbye. It has rides, tours of plantations and agricultural farms, shops and exhibits. What is the name of this structure? [The --- P--------]

4.What is the postcode of Mooloolaba in Sunshine Coast?

5.What is the name of the oceanarium and wildlife sanctuary in Mooloolaba which has a shark tunnel, seal shows and is also home of freshwater crocodiles? [---------- -----]

6.Which business district suburb of Sunshine Coast has the Kawana Shoppingworld, one of the first shopping centres in Queensland?

7.What restaurant chain caused a controversy when it applied for a store to be opened in suburb Minyama in 2008?

8.Which famous Christian Rock Band started in Sunshine Coast?

9.This famous New Zealand born, Australian country singer made his American debut in 1999. He is Grammy Award Winner and is the spouse of an American born Australian actress. He is?

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