Steve Jobs Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is Steve Job's full name?

2.When was Steve Jobs born?

3.Steve Jobs used to serve as an accountant in the Pixar Animation Studios.

4.Steve Jobs is one of the co-founders of Apple.

5.What is the name of the first Apple employee, who was Steve Job's friend from Reed College?

6.Who presided over Steve and Laurene Jobs' wedding?

7.Where did Steve Jobs attend college for only 1 semester?

8.What is the name of Steve Jobs' wife?

9.What is the name of Steve's first son with Laurene?

10.What medical procedure did Steve Jobs undergo to try and remove his cancer?

11.Who awarded the National Medal of Technology to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1985?

12.When did Steve Jobs co-found Apple?

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