State of New South Wales History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1840 New Zealand briefly became part of New South Wales. True or False?

2.The colony of New South Wales was founded in?

3.Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point in New South Wales is?

4.What is the Floral Emblem of NSW?

5.The Sydney Opera House was completed in?

6.What glittering, the large musical icon was erected in New England, NSW in 1988?

7.On the 5th of August 1944 in Cowra?

8.Who became NSW premier on 24th June 1992?

9.Lachlan Macquarie was governor of NSW from?

10.Which famous scientist visited NSW in 1836?

11.Which independent agency was established in 1988 by then-premier Nick Greiner in order to keep local and state officials honest? [----------- ---------- ------- C---------]

12.As of 2010 what percentage of NSW's population is in Sydney?

13.In 1974 at Lake Mungo, the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia were discovered. They are known as?

14.In 1840 in order to vote in the Sydney City Council election, you needed to?

15.In New Castle in 1989?

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