State of Alaska Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1867 Alaska was purchased from the Russian empire for?

2.Most land in Alaska is in which borough?

3.Alaska is 3,280 miles from New York, how far is it from Tokyo Japan?

4.The Indigenous Tlingit word Shaawat means?

5.TAPS is an important piece of industrial infrastructure, what does TAPS stand for? [----- ------ -------- ------]

6.The Battle of Attu off the coast of Alaska involved which two nations?

7.Trajan Langdon was the first Alaskan to play in the NBA, what was his nickname? [A----- A-------]

8.In 1968 what was discovered at Prudhoe Bay?

9.I am a city in the Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, in 2005 my population was 897, I am near the confluence of the Delta River with the Tanana River. What am I? [----- --------]

10.What is the name of the constitutionally established fund that distributes Oil royalties to Alaskans? [------ --------- ----]

11.What is the name of the 142-mile highway that goes from the Seward Highway at Tern Lake Junction to Homer?

12.The IATA Airline designator for Alaska Airlines is? 1926 school student Benny Benson won a competition to design the official Alaska what?

14.What type of aeroplane does Alaska Airlines fly?

15.Alaska Senators serve ?

16.Which island group stretches from the tip of the Alaskan peninsula to Alaska's Attu Island?

17.In the 1999 film "Mystery, Alaska," a pro sports team goes to Mystery, Alaska to compete against a local sports team in which sport?

18.North America's highest mountain, Mount McKinley in south-central Alaska, is also known by what name?

19.Alaska shares a border with which Canadian province?

20.The Alaskan gold rush began in 1849 when a Russian mining engineer discovered gold on the [K----] Peninsula.

21.The 1990s TV series "Northern Exposure" was set in which fictional Alaskan town?

22.Which species of bear shares its name with the Alaskan island that is also its habitat?

23.The flag of Alaska features the North Star Polaris and which constellation on a blue background?

24.On 24th March 1989, which tanker caused a massive oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound?

25.The Alaskan [M---m---] is an America breed of dog named after a native Inuit tribe that settled in Alaska.

26.Which famous singer grew up in Homer, Alaska, where she and her parents relocated just after her birth in 1974?

27.What is the state capital of Alaska?

28.The deal the Americans made to purchase Alaska from the Russians in 1867 was known by its critics as "[S-----'s F---y]."

29.Stewart Granger and which actor starred as miners in Alaska in the 1960 film "North To Alaska"?

30.What is the state nickname of Alaska?

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