Sporting Sydneysiders Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Australian international goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer signed for Premier League club Fulham from which another English soccer team in 2008? [M------------]

2.Which of these English soccer clubs has Mark Schwarzer not played for?

3.Against which country did Steven Smith make his test match debut for Australia in 2010?

4.In which discipline did Steven Smith first represent Australia?

5.In what year did Scott Chipperfield make his debut for the Australia soccer team in a match against Fiji? [----]

6.From which English soccer club did Everton sign Tim Cahill in 2004? [M-------]

7.How many goals did Tim Cahill score for the Australian national team in 2004?

8.Before moving to play soccer in England, Tim Cahill was with which Australian club? [------ U-----]-

9.Pat McCabe made his debut for the Australian Rugby Union side in 2010 against which European team? [-----]

10.In which year was Australian Rugby Union player Pat McCabe born?

11.In 1975, who did Sydney born tennis player John Alexander beat in Tucson, USA to win his second singles title?

12.Which Sydney born cricketer became the first man in 132 years to debut for Australia in any format without the first-class appearance to his name when he played in a Twenty20 against South Africa in 2009? [D---- W-----]

13.In which year did Doug Bollinger make his test match debut for Australia?

14.Stuart Clark made his test match debut for Australia in 2006 against which country?

15.With which English county was Stuart Clark playing when he was surprisingly called up to the Australian Ashes squad in 2005? [M--------]

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