Spooky Shows Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the name of the building that houses MI5 headquarters? [T----- H----]

2.The second episode of the first season?

3.Series 4 episode 7 saw the departure of which character?

4.Series 7 cliffhanger involved Harry Pearce being held prisoner by whom?

5.What character does Hermione Norris play?

6.Episode 9 series 4 raised the controversial issue of prisoners being transferred between countries without judicial involvement. What is this called? [e------------ r--------]

7.Who do CO19 work for?

8.What is Spooks known as in the USA?

9.Series 2 episode 5 saw the departure of the main character who faked her own death. She returned in series 8. What's the characters name? [---- --------]

10.At the end of series 6 who has been captured by a terrorist group that is selling spies to the highest bidder?

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