South Australian History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In 1627 the Dutch ship t Gulden Zeepaerdt examined the coastline of South Australia. In English the ship name is?

2.In 1906 South Australia's first what was opened?

3.The first parking meters were installed in South Australia in?

4.A public university founded in Adelaide in 1966? [-------- U---------]

5.SAS-10 is?

6.In 1999 in the Federal Referendum on the Australian Republic, South Australia overall voted?

7.On 4th September 1992, I became Premier of South Australia?

8.In 2004 for the first time, you could take a train ride from Adelaide to?

9.In 1993 for the first time, you could?

10.Adelaide Football Club won the AFL premiership in 1996 and 1997. True or False?

11.Rundle Mall, Australia?s first pedestrian mall opened in?

12.In 1985 what opened at the Adelaide Railway Station? [The A------- -----o]

13.Between 1955 and 1963 Britain conducted nuclear tests at? [M--------]

14.In 1836 there was an official legal and geographical border dispute between SA and?

15.The class of submarine constructed in SA during the 1990s are?

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