Sopranos Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Actor Steven Van Zandt played Silvio Dante. Which musical band is he a member of?

2.How many episodes have been produced?

3.How many actors that have appeared in the Sopranos also took part in Martin Scorsese gangster film, Goodfellas?

4.Who agreed to act in the Sopranos only if his character was not a "rat"?

5.The character of Livia Soprano was based on who?

6.Who did Tony Soprano kill with a shotgun at Uncle Pat's farm?

7.Artie Bucco's wife was?

8.Tony's Psychiatrist was Dr. Jennifer?

9.Christopher Moltisanti put himself in danger by giving drugs to? ------ -------

10.The character of Vito Spatafore is based on the real-life mafia killer Vito Arena. Vito is notable because he?

11.Tony Soprano is boss of what crime family?

12.What is the name of the strip club where much Soprano business takes place?

13.Who killed Richie Aprile?

14.What was the title of the final episode of the series?

15.What is Dr Melfi's first name?

16.What is AJ Soprano's FBI code name?

17.What actress played Carmela Soprano?

18.Who on the show has killed the most people?

19.Tony Soprano has two sisters, Janice, and who? [B------]

20.The Sopranos spanned how many seasons?

21.Which couple was played by a real-life married couple?

22.Where did Meadow Soprano attend college? [C------- U---------]

23.The Sopranos originally aired on what US television network?

24.What is Carmela Soprano's maiden name?

25.What is the first name of Christopher Moltisanti's wife?

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