Soccer, Baseball & Other World Sports Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In which European city is FIFA's headquarters?

2.A cart called a Sulky is used in which sport?

3.Although India qualified for the football world cup in 1950, they refused to take part. Why?

4.At what sport was the Bambino / the Sultan of Swat famous?

5.Ayrton Senna had his first Brazilian Grand Prix win in 1985. What nationality was he?

6.Celta Vigo football club comes from which country?

7.In sports media coverage what does WAG stand for?

8.For which Brazilian club did Pele play?

9.How is Brazilian Footballer Edson Arantes Do Nascimento better known?

10.How many bails are used in a game of cricket?

11.How many laps is the Indianapolis 500?

12.How many people play in a Water Polo team?

13.How many players are there on the pitch in each team in Rugby League?

14.How many players from each team are there on the pitch at any one time in American Football?

15.How many times has the host nation won the football World Cup?

16.How many weeks, on average, does the Tour de France last?

17.In a rugby scrum, which player is responsible for controlling the ball with their feet inside the scrum?

18.In all Alpine Skiing races, skiers race between gates consisting of two coloured flags. What are the two colours?

19.In Cricket, who has a test batting average of 99.94?

20.In fishing, lines, hooks, floats and weights are known collectively as what? [------]

21.In golf what slang refers to a free extra stroke sometimes allowed informally after a poor shot, typically off the first tee?

22.In polo you hit the ball with a?

23.In Rugby Union what position does the number 15 play?

24.In sailing, what is the name given to a lightweight three-cornered headsail used to improve stability when sailing downwind?

25.In tennis what is the name given to a serve which cannot be returned?

26.In tennis, what score is called 'Deuce'?

27.Close friends Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding competed in which sport? [------ -------]

28.In what sport do players take long and short corners?

29.In what sport would one adopt the 'egg' position? [D------- ------]

30.In which country did the ball game Pelota originate?

31.In which Japanese martial art do combatants fence with bamboo sticks? [k----]

32.In which sport are prime, tierce and octave defensive positions?

33.In which sport was the American Scott Hamilton world champion for four consecutive years?

34.In which sport would you use the terms Christie's, Traversing, and Edging?

35.In which Winter sport would you wear shoes with one sole made of Teflon or steel for sliding, and one of rubber for grip? [----ing]

36.Irishman Ken Doherty was crowned world champion in which sport?

37.The Largest number of goals scored in one football World Cup match?

38.Martina Navratilova has become a US citizen. In which country was she born? [-z------ova---]

39.The fastest serve in men's tennis (155 mph or 249.5 km/h) belongs to which man? [Andy -------]

40.Mirror, Finn and Laser are types of what?

41.The 'Green Jacket' is presented to the winner of which sporting event? [-- -------]

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