City of Sheffield Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The city of Sheffield is built on how many hills and near the confluence of how many rivers?

2.Sheffield has more what per person than any other European city?

3.I am a thousand-seat theatre built in 1897 with a traditional arch design. In 1990 I was restored and now host touring west end shows and am the "Home of Pantomime". What am I? [------ Theatre]

4.What is Sierra Yankee 99?

5.The oldest pub in Sheffield is? [ O-- -een--'- H---]

6.I was built in 1971, seat 980 and am home to the World Snooker Championships, what am I? [-------- T------]

7.The Royal Airforce base that was closed in 1996 and demolished in order to make way for the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield was known as?

8.The population of Sheffield in 1801 was?

9.Sheffield born Charles Boot went on to found which famous British Field studio? [P------- Studios]

10.I am an Art Gallery opened in 2001 in the heart of Sheffield, close to the city library, Sheffield Hallam University, and the city's theatre district. [-------ium Galleries]

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