Scottish Rugby Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Scottish Rugby Union is the?

2.What is the web address of the Scottish Rugby Union?

3.Scotland won the Five/Six Nations in?

4.What cup is awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations Championship match between England and Scotland? [C------- C--]

5.The 2010 Six Nations match between Scotland and England was noteworthy because?

6.There is a campaign to include which word, Gaelic for Scotland, on the strip? [----]

7.Murrayfield stadium seating capacity (as of 2010) is?

8.Murrayfield is very close to?

9.Firhill Rugby Union Stadium in Glasgow is the home of which football (soccer) club?

10.Where is McDiarmid Park Located? [-----]

11.Complete these Scottish Rugby team names G--- F---- H----ts FP G------ W-----rs

12.In 2007 which team from Galashiels was once again disbanded due to continuing financial difficulties? [The -------]

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