Science & Nature Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What state of matter does a liquid become after evaporation?

2.What is produced from nitrogen via the 'Haber Process'?

3.What is the process of growing vegetables in water without soil called?

4.Beetles imported from Canada in 1967 led to the loss of 25 million of which trees in Britain?

5.What name is given to a large fully developed female bee that lays eggs continually?

6.In computing what does RAM mean?

7.What is ufology the study of?

8.What figure do you get if you divide the number of degrees in a right angle by the number of sides in a triangle?

9.Which creature can be described as Gazelline?

10.What is M' in Albert Einstein's famous equation E=MC square?

11.In medicine, what 'G' is the death of tissue due to loss of blood supply or bacterial infection?

12.Where, precisely, are the anvil and the stirrup in the human body?

13.What 'C' is the name given to infant foxes?

14.The Rowan is an alternative name for which tree?

15.What 'M' is an extinct elephant-like mammal?

16.What is formed, when two or more chemical elements are bonded together in some way?

17.In human biology, what 'F' are the tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus?

18.Which metal has an atomic number of 47?

19.By what name was Smilodon better known?

20.What is another name for the finger like material that lines the inside walls of the intestines?

21.What material is associated with a 15th wedding anniversary?

22.What should you do to a kitten at 12 weeks?

23.What is the name of the home of a Fox?

24.Which bird is known by the alternative name Laverock?

25.Which venomous spider is also known as the Button or Redback Spider?

26.In nature, of which tree is the acorn the fruit?

27.What is the name given to a female Elephant?

28.The cranesbill is so called because of the shape of which part?

29.Which bird can be described as Turdine?

30.Thomas Edison perfected the light bulb in 1879 but who is credited with inventing it?

31.On a horse where is the dock?

32.What does the 'P' stand for in the computer abbreviation HTTP?

33.Which surgeon performed the first human heart transplant?

34.There are 5 basic types of dog coat. Long, short, silky and non-shedding curly are 4 of them. What is the other type?

35.What substance does the Lachrymal glands produce?

36.Which chemical compound did Scottish Professor Joseph Black discover?

37.The World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa is based in which city in the Republic of the Congo?

38.Which German scientist proved that the planets orbit the sun in Ellipses?

39.Which creature can be described as Orygine?

40.What word is used to describe a chemical crystal, which loses part of its water of crystallisation to the air?

41.What name is given to the study of human anatomy?

42.Which planet did Mariner 9 photograph in 1971-1972?

43.Alternatively called 'turnip cabbage', which vegetable, rich in Potassium and Vitamin C has its root eaten?

44.In the animal kingdom frogs, toads and newts belong to which class of vertebrates?

45.Bursitis is the technical name for which common ailment?

46.Which planet has at least 15 moons all of which are named after Shakespearian characters?

47.Which vegetable has the scientific name Allium Porrum?

48.Which vitamin is essential for the blood clotting process?

49.What is mastication?

50.What type of plant produces vanilla?

51.Chinchillas take regular baths in what to keep their fur coat soft?

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