Red Dwarf Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The 1980s BBC Radio 4 comedy show that was the genesis of Red Dwarf Was called? [ S-- -f Cl---e ]

2.Who did the actor Norman Lovett play?

3.In November 1989 the first novel was published, what was it called? [I------y W------s C-----l D-----s]

4.Red Dwarf won an International Television Oscar award. True or False?

5.Red Dwarf won an International Emmy Award. True or False?

6.The episode in which the boys from the Dwarf find themselves in a computer simulation of the Wild West is titled what? [G----- of the A---------]

7.Holly, the ship's computer had an IQ of?

8.Who is Lister's main love interest? [K------- ---------]

9.What species is Cat? [F---s S--ien]

10.At the end of series five the ship is stolen and for the next two series, the crew are forced to travel in what craft? [S------]

11.Rimmer's legendary alpha male alter ego is known as? [A-- R-----]

12.What is Arnold Rimmer's middle name?

13.What town is Dave Lister from?

14.Dave Lister's long-standing dream has been to open a farm where? [F---]

15.The self-repairing simulant who survives until the end of time and returns to judge the crew of Red Dwarf is known as? [T-- I---------]

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